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The surgery will be closed on

Monday 1.5.2023

Monday 8.03.2023

Monday 29.5.2023

If you need to see or speak to a gp urgently, please ring 111 or go the urgent care Centre which is located at Walsall manor hospital or if you can wait, please ring 01922 660721 after 1pm till 6.30pm.

Bye Bye UTI

A number of pharmacies across the Black Country offer patients easy access to advice and treatments for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

A three-month pilot, aimed at women aged 16-64, has been launched to enable local community pharmacists to treat patients with UTIs without the need for a GP appointment or prescription.

UTIs are one of the most common bacterial infections seen in female patients, with over 40 percent of women likely to suffer from one in their lifetime. Symptoms include:

  • Burning or stinging sensation when passing urine
  • Needing to pass urine frequently or urgently
  • Cloudy urine
  • Passing excessive or large quantities of urine.

If you think you may have a UTI go to your local pharmacy first.

For more information on local pharmacies please visit the below link;

Bye Bye UTI :: Black Country ICB

Cervical Screening

NHS urges people to book their cervical screening

Latest data shows that nearly a third (30%) of those who are eligible for their cervical screening have not taken up the offer of the potentially lifesaving test.

The NHS is calling on anyone eligible who has not yet come forward, to book an appointment, as these checks save lives and combined with the HPV vaccination programme could make cervical cancer a thing of the past.

The call comes as cervical cancer charity, Jo’s Trust, launches its annual Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (23-29 Jan 2023) to raise awareness of cervical cancer and to drive uptake in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.

Around 2,700 people are diagnosed with cervical cancer in England each year and approximately 690 die from the disease – around two deaths every day.  The NHS Cervical Screening Programme helps save thousands of lives per year and those who are invited are being encouraged to ensure they attend their screening.

In the last year (21/22) the NHS sent out more screening invitations than ever before – more than 5 million – and 3.5 million people came forward for testing.

Did you know?

Your health and social care records will be available on the new NHS shared care record ‘One Health and Care’ from this year

It’s a safe and more efficient way for health & social care staff to access your records when needed

Find out more:…/one…

Diabetes and Looking After Your Mental Health

Do you live in Walsall? Have diabetes and struggling with anxiety and depression?
SilverCloud provides Online support for people with diabetes and mental health conditions.

You can self refer to SilverCloud which can be accessed anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. For more info go to


Do you have a health condition and would like support to find and retain employment? The Thrive into Work team can offer one to one support to suit your needs and employment goals.WEBSITE PAGEDo you have a health condition and would like support to find and retain employment?The Thrive into Work team can offer one to one support to suit your needs and employment goals. They support individuals that are out of work, but can also support those who are in work but are at risk of losing their job or are on a period of sick leave.The service is for people with a mental/physical health condition aged 18+.If you want to join the Thrive into Work service, you will get:One-to-one support to suit your needs and employment goals.Support from your health care team to help you manage any difficulties.Advice on benefits to find out if being in work could increase your income.Help with finding a job if you are not in paid employment.Continued support once you have started in a job.Help talking to your employer about your needs at work.Regular and ongoing support online or by phone. You can get this support if:You are currently out of work, or at risk of leaving work due to sickness.You are aged 18 or over.You have problems finding work, or staying in a job, because of your health. This can be your physical health or your mental health.You have a neurodevelopmental condition such as Autism, ADHD.You are at risk of homelessness.You have been in touch with the criminal justice system.For more information speak to your GP or contact the team directly using the contact details below.

If you live in Dudley or Walsall, contact the team using the details below:Phone: 01384 324645Email: bchft.thriveemploymentservice@nhs.netIf you live in Wolverhampton or Sandwell and West Birmingham, contact the team using the details below:Phone: 07876 650357Email:

Having good mental wellbeing helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more.  There are little things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing –


Domestic Abuse Support

The two updated Parent Tips:

One providing some basic information on the childhood immunisation programme, explaining how vaccines work, how they are regulated and why it is important to ensure your baby receives all the recommended immunizations.

The second provides answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” and has been written by leading national experts. It covers getting your baby immunised and what to expect, including information on things such as soothing your baby during and after vaccinations, and what to do if they are poorly on the day of their appointment.

Just to reassure you that despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is still recommended that your child receives their vaccines as this protects them against other serious diseases that can still cause them harm.

Parent Tips – Childhood Immunisations 1: An introduction to childhood immunisations

Parent Tips – Childhood Immunisations 2: Frequently Asked Questions


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