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Going to University?

If you are planning to go to university, please make an appointment as soon as possible before leaving for university. You are at more risk of Meningitis and septicaemia in the first weeks at university when you mix with lots of new people, some of whom may unknowingly carry the meningococcal bacteria, which is usually spread through prolonged close contact.

As the vaccine will also boost your protection against MenC, it replaces the “Freshers” MenC programme which has been in place for the past year.

If you decide not to have the vaccination please let us know in writing so we can enter this on your medical record.

Further information on the vaccination programme and meningococcal disease can be found on NHS Choices at:

Social Prescribing

A service to help improve your health and wellbeing!

Social prescribing is available at your GP Surgery.

Speak to a member of staff to find out more!

Are you struggling with?

  • Feeling lonely/isolated
  • Bereavement/Loss
  • Providing care and support
  • Mental health issues
  • Chronic pain management
  • Addiction/Recovery
  • Learning and/or employment opportunities
  • A disability
  • Lifestyle choices and support
  • Housing, debt and/or benefit issues

And wondering if there is another way to get well?

Then speak to a member of staff today.

As whatever you need to feel healthier and happier your social prescriber can help get you moving in the right direction.

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